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Art Exhibition Tour

Bonnie Mohr Studio welcomed over 100 art students on Wednesday afternoon for an art tour! The GSL High School was hosting a "Visual Arts Exhibition" through the Minnesota State High School League for district 2A where students from the state district submit artwork for judging. For more information on the Exhibition, check out: Shanda Landes, the art teacher at GSL High School, set up the studio tour for the visiting art students at the exhibition and before we knew it, the group of students were filing off the big, yellow school bus, and friendly, ol' Stella (our golden retriever) was right there to greet them. Students meandered through the studio, and most pointed out the familiar "Living Life" artwork! Great to see the audience we can reach via art.

Ok, back to painting! Thanks for reading..... Bonnie

The cows greeted the students, too!