An Easter Tribute - Part II

Today continues Part II of this Easter Tribute!  I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and I bet it brings to mind special thoughts of the special people who have touched your life too!   Good Friday - already!!  The days fleet by, as spring is being ushered in the door. These are busy days... the kids are off of school on Easter break, so our house will be hopping today.  There is church service to attend, food to prepare for Sunday, a painting begging for some of my attention, and 12 dozen eggs in my refrigerator waiting for color!  We don't usually eat them all - but there is nothing like the of the cheapest forms of fun entertainment around!  Since I hide the eggs, I usually find the most - ha !! Well folks - the sun is coming up, and I better get to work....Happy Easter - enjoy this special and blessed weekend. Thanks for reading.... Bonnie

Someone Special - Part II

by Taylor Mohr

Just the other day I called her as I was driving to Glencoe to pick up my brother from track practice. Grandpa answered the phone like normal, and after repeating that it was "Taylor" four times, he handed the phone off to Grandma. She greeted me cheerfully, as I know she enjoys our conversations just as much as I do. After we discussed how our days had gone, there was a short silence which was interrupted when I asked "Grandma, what is the thing that makes you the most happy at the age of eighty-six?" "Uhh...Well," she responded "It makes me happy that I am still together with Grandpa after fifty years. I am also happy that we are still able to be living on our farm." There was a brief silence and then she proceeded to say, "I feel so blessed that I am still able to cook and clean and - that reminds me, tell Mom I am planning on having Easter!" "Ok, sounds good," I responded, still caught up in her words. "Grandma, I have one more question - you've lived a good, full life, what would you say is the key to living a good life?" "Taylor, Taylor! You are just full of questions today!" "Well, I'm just curious, I guess!" I responded with a short giggle following. "I would say living a good life is all about being happy with what you have and appreciating everything you've been given. Life comes and goes pretty fast, ya know, so you might as well eat when you're hungry and take a nap when you're tired, but never be lazy. Use what you have been given to get where you want to go in life." "You should probably write a book, Grandma," I said half jokingly. However I strongly feel that if more people would live their lives by these simple guidelines of appreciating what they've been given, everyone would be happier with their own life. "Well," I said "I've got a lot of work ahead of me for the night so I'll talk to you later! Can't wait to see you in a few days!" "Bye now, be good, and I love you," she rattled off like a well-rehearsed script. "Love you, too Grandma!" I said. For the next hour or so I reflected on our conversation and the meaningful words that answered my questions. "This lady really knows what life is all about," I thought to myself. In this moment, I was also able to connect her to my life and see what a strong impact she has had on it. She has been a link to the past for me. Grandma Mohr is part of the reason I am who I am. Life is kind of funny if you really stop to think about it. We are all made up of bits and pieces from here or there. Grandma Mohr, without a doubt, makes up a little piece of me. This, I know, is a blessing. Whether she is by my side or in my heart, Grandma Mohr will always be part of me.