An Easter Tribute

What is it about holidays that brings back a rush of childhood memories? We were a normal farm family - we all wore hand-me-downs, we fought like all kids do, and we celebrated holidays in a traditional sense, like everyone else as far as I could tell.  Yet, it somehow - seemed very special.  Extra special, more special than at any one else's house, I was sure.  That's what our parents do, they make our lives feel special by the things they say and the things they do.   Easter ranks right up there, as one of the most celebrated and loved holidays by many, as it does with my family.  My husband and I have managed to carry on Easter traditions that we enjoyed growing up as children.....going to church, followed by an Easter Egg hunt, and going to Grandma's house!  Which leads me to the focus of this week's is an Easter tribute written by one of our daughters.  It celebrates the beautiful life of an amazing person who has touched the lives of many, including our family.  Read PART I today, and  PART ll on Friday. Have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading.... Bonnie 

Someone Special - Part I

We all have those special individuals in our lives that we truly feel blessed to know and privileged to get to know. For myself, Grandma Mohr is one of those people. She is an amazing woman, role model, grandma and inspiration. She is young at heart and youthful in soul. She has taught me things she says every good wife should know, provided me with plenty of love, care, and knowledge, and has inspired me to leave a legend behind just like she is in the process of doing. Grandma Mohr isn't your typical grandma who spends countless hours embroidering towels; although, she somehow finds time for that, too. At the age of eighty-six, she still has four large gardens, which she attends to every summer day. Her produce from her gardens repeatedly wins 'Grand Champion' every year at the county fair. Aside from that, she cooks. She prepares the most amazing, mouth-watering German food you can imagine. Even if you don't like German food, you'll like Grandma's cooking just the same. She is the type of woman who is always saying, "Oh, my house is such a mess!" In all reality, however, there is hardly ever an item out of place. I'm sure she feels this way because she's always so busy butchering chickens, picking apples, making apple küchen, and going to town to get her hair done; she is busy living life. Grandma Mohr prays for everyone, regardless of who they are or what they have done. She is one of those few whom you can always joke around with and it warms the heart just to spend time with her. I feel that my time with her is limited because as we all know, age is a battle that can't be beaten. Whenever I see her, I am always able to convince her to share her favorite moments in time with me. More often than not, I find myself interrupting her childhood stories with numerous questions about how things used to be. I find it extremely hard to comprehend how dramatically times have changed in such a short period of time. I repeatedly wish that things would be more like they used to be. I want to go back to the day and age where each meal was a sit-down meal with the entire family, every single classmate likewise grew up on a farm, and Friday nights were all about barn dances and drive-in movies. That is the life she got to live out and truly experience.