A New Look Coming Soon!

Well, we endured the block of subzero temperatures last week here in rural Minnesota and are enjoying more mild temps this week! What else should we expect from January though, as it's usually the coldest month of the year.  It seems that the bustling pace from the holidays has carried right through the month of January -  we are busy, busy, busy at the Studio, working and brainstorming and creating new things...2013 is going to be exciting year! I have been hard at work with my staff on the design and layout of the new Bonnie Mohr Studio website....which will be up and running this spring - or hopefully sooner!! Our work tables at the studio are filled with designer books, sharpened pencils, templates, scraps of paper with font choices, photographs, rulers, pink eraser shavings, and even one or two coffee stains...:)   We are energized by the fresh new look and anxious to share it with you. Come February, we will launch a sneak peek at this "new look" with our first monthly e-mail newsletter! If you are not yet subscribed to Bonnie Mohr e-mail updates, sign up on the home page of the website at www.bonniemohr.com. We will even be including some of our own personal favorite recipes -  first one up is my famous Farmhouse Chili Soup!!  (Just in time for Super bowl Sunday!) Wishing you a wonderful day ; )
Thanks for reading....