35th anniversary + april (snow) showers

Thirty-Five years ago this week, I was the blushing bride!  It really does seem like just yesterday, I was walking down the aisle with dad, and marrying my high school sweetheart!  I worked pretty hard to catch him, so I figured I'd hang on to him for awhile...35 years to be exact.  Amazing thing, we haven,t changed a bit!

John Mohr is still the love of my life, he is my best friend, he is the spit-shine of my day, every day.  Few people in this world get to share what we have - although we have our ups and downs just like every couple I know, we've had far more 'ups', piles of pictures to prove it, 5 kids for even more proof and we still love to be with each other, on occasion - LOL kidding.  Our motto has always been "work hard - play hard", John is the master on this subject and the one who keeps good balance in this department!  Marriage has taught me the real meaning of "you get out of it what you put into it".  Over the years, I have learned to be more gentle, more patient, more loving, more forgiving, and less serious - all these things have made for a better marriage ;)  I have learned that expectations and guidelines are good and necessary, but so is flexibility and having a 'plan B'.  More than anything, I know that after spending 35 years with John, we share the comfortable deep love that only comes with time and commitment.  Thank you John Mohr, you are a one of a kind and I am looking forward to the next 35 years with you!!

Tough to top that, hugh?!  Well, I can come close...we just got through with our worst snowstorm of the year!  Unbelievable folks!!  The biggest blizzard we've had all winter, just covered MN for three days this past weekend.  With winds averaging between 30-40 mph, it's hard to say exactly how much snow we had, but roughly 14" -  more snow is predicted this week - people are getting crabby and crazy in these parts!  But, we know spring will eventually arrive, as it always does.

Day one of the three-day April blizzard - ugh! 

Birds took shelter wherever they could, these poor little guys hung out in the bushes by our front door! 

We had to use the neighbor's pay-loader just to clear a path and get feed out for the cattle! 

And finally it was over, and the winds died down... here's John clearing the Bonnie Mohr Studio parking lot! 

And if you have ever wondered what Bonnie Mohr Studio looks like in April following a three-day blizzard, here you go! 

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Patiently waiting for spring to arrive ;)