Wedding Weekend Bliss!

Memorial Weekend 2018 will go in the books like none other for the Mohr Family!  We celebrated the wedding of our oldest daughter Amanda, and her now husband Jacob Jordan!  It was a fairy tale event, drenched with lots of laughter, love, tears of joy, and sultry hot weather in the high 90's with high humidity!  (Even the air conditioners couldn't keep up) It is the bittersweet moment in parent's lives, where they give up their little girl, but know it is good and right, to gain a wonderful new member to the family.  Jacob is a true-bred Texan, with a heart bigger than Texas.  He can do everything the Marlboro man can, and I'm certain 10x more, plus he doesn't even have to smoke to do it!  We are blessed to call him our son-in-law along with his beautiful family and friends.  And just for the record, we showed them "Minnesota Nice" blown-up on steroids!!

Since pictures really do say more than words...enjoy the wedding in review:

The weekend kicked off on Thursday night with a heavy rain, high winds, and short storm passing through....but God sent us a beautiful double rainbow to let us know it was going to be a magnificent wedding ahead!

Every good production needs a good pit-crew - we all headed to Glencoe for set -up the morning before the wedding!

The only Texan I know prettier than Jacob is his Grandma Nanny!  She is as beautiful on the inside as the out - thank you Nanny for sharing your time, talent and love with us all!  You are now our Nanny too! 

Our pride and joy....our 5 beautiful children.....all in one spot and all clean at the same time ;)

The two happiest mothers of the night at Grooms Supper - in the beautiful Brechet Inn, Glencoe MN.  It was so hot though, we had to stop for some kool-aide!

And all the way from PA, our special family friend Suzy.....we love you so much, thanks for sharing the whole weekend with us!

We were honored with sister Becky's famous 'BECKY BAKES' cupcakes, wedding cake and cookies throughout the wedding event!  We got so thirsty from all the work, we had to stop for a sip of water!!

"Hair, makeup, action!" The day got off to a great start with all the girls being pampered at the salon!

Remi decided not to attend the church part, but was our official 'greeter' for the entire event!

Dad's first look - it seems like just yesterday you were peddling your trike through the barn Amanda - we love you so much!

And what would a bride be without two - such lovely- flower girls!!  Miss Olivia and Kree were the perfect mini-Texans to complete the bridal party

It was a hot one, no doubt... but the bridal party survived pictures out on the farm! 

Sister Kate, Cousin Emily, bride Amanda and Sister Taylor - our family was blessed with Personal Attendant Emily from Houston TX!  This girl was a rock-star, spinning in every direction to make sure the day was perfect not only for Amanda but the whole family!  She ended the day by playing lead guitar with the band!  Go EM!

Sisters make the best of friends! :)

Amanda's closest friends traveled near and far to be there to support her on her big day! 

Too many pictures?? such thing!! Getting ready to head upstairs for the big ceremony!! 

Pastor Carol with the beautiful couple!! 

The whole (growing) Mohr family!! So much love! 

John escorts his baby girl down the are so beautiful Amanda! the alter - and they lived happily ever after ;)

And there you have it folks....the most beautiful bride and groom in the world! Congratulations Amanda and Jacob!

There was so much love in the air....maybe even a start to the next great love story ;) 

..........these are things we love and cherish, it was a sunset ending to a very special wedding day!! EVERYONE had a grand time! 

You'll always be my baby girl Amanda!

Congratulations Amanda and Jacob - we wish you a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness!' (And some babies too!!)