10 Problem Solving Antidotes

Well, Minnesota is up to its tricks again....60 degree temps last week and then 7" of snow just two days ago, and sleet as I write this blog!  No wonder everyone has a cold around here ; )  We can't complain though, it has been a decent winter, we really can use the moisture, and after all, it is still March! I feel quite certain that the phrase, everyone has 'ants in their pants' came from Minnesotans waiting for spring to come....and when it comes, the ants will come too ; )

Meanwhile, at Bonnie Mohr Studio - things have been busy as we have been on a rampage to clean the shop...from front to back and every nook and cranny in between! My staff owned this event and have organized, decluttered, and put everything back into its rightful spot along the way.  We also accumulated a big 'pile' of things that are earmarked for the 'Celebrate Spring Sale'....Saturday, April 18 - we hope to see you then!!  My job during this cleanup event, was to 'advise' and 'oversee', but mostly stay out of their way - which meant I was back at the house, above the garage, in my painting studio.  I have been asked, many, many times.... what I do when I 'get stuck' or 'can't think of anything to paint?'  Well, my list of 'what to paint' is a mile long, so that is never a problem!  Like writers get 'writers block', I don't ever get 'painters block', but I do 'get stuck', when things just don't go as they should...no matter how thick or thin I put the paint on, it isn't right.  No matter what shade of blue, it is too cold, too warm, too murky, too bright, too pale, or just too blue!  So what do I do?  These are my top 10 antidotes for 'taking a break' from my problem painting situations.  

1. Have another cup of coffee

2. Go to the barn and visit my favorite friends

3. Step outside and make a snowman (November through March)

4. Step outside and go for a walk down our gravel road (April through October)

5.  Eat something....

6.  Call for help....911 doesn't really care how my painting is going, but they are usually very nice to me ;) LOL

7. Scream, this solves nothing, but it makes me feel good

8.  Pour a glass of wine and call it a day - my problem may look better tomorrow

9.  Repeat number 5

10. Get some advice....Stella doesn't usually have a lot to say, but she is a great listener!

Feel free to adopt my Top 10 Problem Solving Antidotes, and keep on Keeping on!

Wishing you a problem free day ; )   Thanks for reading..............