Wood Art - Farm Animal Series - Cow On Grass

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This artwork by Bonnie Mohr captures a lone Holstein cow with a neutral background standing on a patch of green grass. This series will be perfect for a kid's bedroom or playroom!! Compliment it in a grouping of several other Farm Animal Series images! 

A personal note from Bonnie: Meet Colby! She is a Holstein Cow and lives on my dairy farm in Glencoe, MN! She is a big girl and weighs about 1500 lbs., and can drink between 30–50 gallons of water each day! Much of this water goes towards milk production. The average Holstein cow will produce about 6-7 gallons of milk each day! Colby loves to eat corn and hay which we raise on our farm. She comes into the barn to be milked two times each day, and gets to spend most of the afternoons out in the pasture relaxing!

Wood Art comes complete, ready to hang, with a hand crafted simple and modern wood frame. Our wood art is USA made. It is produced using North American hardwoods, locally sourced and sustainably harvested.

All wood art images are made from real American Hard Wood. They are built with 4-inch-wide pieces of wood that are stapled together, printed on, and then framed.  The ‘lines’ that the boards make when they come together and meet, create the seams and represent the natural way this product is made, and the look it has. The seams may expand and contract with the level of humidity, as the hard wood breathes. 

Printing on hard wood surface also features its own unique and distinctive look, as compared to printing on paper, as the ink absorption is different on these two surfaces. Color hues will be similar, but color intensity may vary depending on the surface it is printed.

We cannot ship Wood Art internationally.

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