Card - Starlight

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What a magical scene. This Holstein cow is resting comfortably on a bed of hay, enjoying the midnight blue of this night time sky, which is full of sparkling stars. A bit of moonlight shines on this beautiful Holstein cow. A lovely sense of serenity fills this portrait. View more winter, dairy, and Holstein artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

A personal note from Bonnie: I originally photographed this cow at a county fair, while she rested contently in a fluffy pack of straw 3 feet high. I've transformed the setting to a loafing barn, and feel a wonderful connection to this cow, because I'm a dairy farmer myself. It is 2am. You walk by moonlight, making the rounds from barn to barn, maybe checking one cow in particular that might be close to calving. This time of solitude is you, your cows, the stars in the universe, and God. It is a moment in time that you realize you do what you do, because you love your cows!

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