Card - HENRY THE HORSE | Farm Animal Series

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This artwork by Bonnie Mohr captures a beautiful dark color horse with a pink, green, and tan background. This series will be perfect for a kid's bedroom or playroom!! Order your charming gallery wrap giclee or print of Henry today, and compliment it in a grouping of several other Farm Animal Series images! View additional animal artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

A personal note from Bonnie: Henry is a chestnut color quarter horse! When you measure a horse it is in ‘hands’! The average quarter horse is 15 hands or 60” tall, and weighs about 1075 pounds. Horses are a wonderful pet as well as pleasure animal and are extremely versatile. You can ride, compete or race horses. They are also useful farm animals, used to haul wagons and farm implements many years ago! Did you know that horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal? And did you know horses can sleep lying down and standing up!!

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