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This fancy Holstein cow has attitude, long eye lashes, the prettiest pink nose ever, and would you look at those flowers! ‘Fancy Cow’ reminds me that life is a celebration every single day! We should dress in good clothes - even around the house for every day, use the chinaware for supper, and we should wear the flowers – just like ‘Fancy Cow’! Life really is what we make of it, and the attitude we manifest within our hearts, dictates our success, routine, and happiness! This was such a fun painting to create, especially since Rosy is one of our cows, and perhaps a little whimsy with the wreath of flowers, but so, so fun. This painting will look great in any office, child’s bedroom, bathroom or mudroom! Fancy Cow comes in a card, paper print, and canvas giclee and may also be custom ordered in larger sizes.

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