Everyday Miracles

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This image is also available in a card.

Truly, some of the best things in life are free….like enjoying everything about the great outdoors! This painting evolved from a hiking experience I had in Colorado, while out on a trail. Who cannot love and appreciate wild flowers? What I love most about wildflowers is that they just show up, everywhere, and usually begin as a seed that landed where the wind stopped. They can grow in uncultivated soil, in hard and rugged terrain and not only survive, but thrive! They can adapt and grow in almost any climate, and their color always adds beauty to the surroundings. And just like humans, it takes the first part of the season to grow, adapt, overcome challenge, and then when you least expect it, comes the beauty of the bloom! Life, and especially in God’s beautiful creation, wild flowers are yet another everyday miracle. Everyday Miracles comes in a card, paper print, and canvas giclee and may also be custom ordered in larger sizes.

Everyday Miracles Verse © Bonnie Mohr Studio. All rights reserved. Verse may not be used or reproduced in any form without permission from Bonnie Mohr Studio.


*Please Note: price reflects art image only. Frame not included.

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