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Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors would seem to be an appropriate title for those of us who work outdoors in Minnesota. We have had a "heap" of snow this year. It's piled high everywhere around the farmyard. Here is a glimpse of early this morning, when the milk truck was here to do daily pickup. The kids are loving it though, and lets face it, Minnesota just isn't for sissies! We love it too (sometimes). Lets get on to business - with the onset of the spring wedding season , I thought it would be good timing to do a "season's special" featuring my print, 'I DO'. Perfect for every couple, especially with the featured heartfelt verse of love and good wishes for the couple. You may even order your print framed; all ready to display or hang. There are a wide variety of frame choices shown for 'I DO' on my website - please have a look. I will also personalize this print for you, with the bride and groom's names along with their wedding date. Receive a 15% discount on any print of 'I DO' (framed prints included) now through March 1, 2010. Now is also the perfect time of year to think about interior decorating, painting, and sprucing things up before the arrival of Easter, First Communion, Graduation and all the other spring events. Perhaps a new piece of framed art would add the new look you have been wanting. We are happy to accommodate - Bonnie Mohr Studio has a great selection of framed prints, ready to ship. Call our office today at 800-264-6647 and we can help you select the framed print of your choice, and ship it to you. All framed artwork is $25 off, now through March 1, 2010. (One offer only, per piece of artwork.) Please call the shop with any questions you might have.... Diane, Lana and I are standing-by, eager to help you with all your gift, decorating and art needs!! Thanks for reading.... stay warm!!