Winter returns & the renovation continues!

Winter is expected to blast into MN again tomorrow night - A PLACE CALLED HOME will be the look of the land again, come Friday morning, following almost three weeks of 40-60 degree winter! For those of us who will not be taking a winter vacation this year..we were blessed with it anyway with these unseasonable balmy temps! Ahhhh, what a lovely break it was!!

A PLACE CALLED HOME was one of my earliest cow paintings and has continued to be a 'fav' by many, including me ; ) Like many of my paintings, this herd of milking Holsteins are the girls on our farm, and I shot a picture out the front door one January morning as they were relaxing, visiting, and just enjoying being cows in the yard. The quaint farmstead in this painting remains today on the north side of Highway 7 half way between Silver Lake and Minneapolis! The signed and numbered limited edition prints are long sold out, but we still offer a 20"x10" open edition print of this image.

The renovation is moving is getting exciting to see the progress! The options for mixing stain color are endless, and I was looking for the perfect earthy, old-world one.....Earl was a great sport in our game of "pick a stain".

This floor makes me want to jump up and down like four-year old on Christmas morning! The floors are even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

Note all the paint samples on the walls - we are moving into round 2 of painting the house! After Gary finished painting the house last week "Antique White", I moving into a forced state of "I love this color" feeling. But I didn't love it, and it was making me crazy - so I reviewed the color swatch, which the new wall color was suppose to be, and realized that it just didn't match. The yellow tones were way to bossy and it just did not resonate with me. I wrestled with the decision to repaint the house and finally decided it must be done...we've gone through too much work to not LOVE it in the end. I baked Gary another batch of chocolate chip banana muffins, and he is happily repainting the house ; ) this very moment, the new kitchen cabinets have just arrived!

As much as I am a total wood lover, I decided to do a white tone - I know, I am really out on a limb on this one. But with the kitchen being so small, these brighter cupboards should be perfect, plus the warm fir floors will accent it nicely! Well, I better get over to the shop and check out the excitement!!

Enjoy February week at this time, it will already be over!!