I DO Winner & Sale Announcement!

Mid Winter in MN, but it is feeling like spring friends! We will be hitting the high 50's this weekend and we are lovin it! This is typical weather for the end of March, and who really knows what's going on, but you do not complain, because it could be 20 below with 8 feet of snow or more on the ground this time of year! Speaking of Valentine's Day and the season of Love, we congratulate our winner in the I DO Valentine's Day promotion! Get all the details HERE! Even more exciting however, is, starting right now, we kick off the 20% off all I DO prints and giclees to celebrate the beginning of the wedding season, and as a THANK YOU for all the participation and interest in this year's I DO giveaway! SHOP NOW for 20% off your I DO print!

The renovation continues to take shape!!

I am still choosing paint colors, knobs, sinks, and contemplating decorating ideas....

The flat files are going to the paint Doctor! I have chosen black as my accessory color, so these guys will all get a fresh coat of black paint!

And when we just need a little fun, we chase cows! Not really, but they do seem to get out every now and then. Remi is only 9 months old, but already loves herding cattle.

He also loves to hunt! The boys had him out this past weekend, he flushed out 5 of the 6 Chuckers - what fun to watch all them work the birds in this prairie field ; ) Great work guys ; )

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