Weekly Update

AROUND THE STUDIO... Time has been sparse to be in the painting chair... the sheep picture is waiting pleadingly and patiently to be finished. HOPEFULLY tomorrow will be wrap-up day for that piece and the beginning of the next creation! We will be entertaining a group of the 'Red Hat Ladies Club' tomorrow at the studio. We love tour groups, and invite you to schedule a visit to the Studio anytime! Finishing touches are being put on our spring e-newsletter, which we will send in a week or two. If you, or anyone you know would like to get our e-newsletter, please contact our office through this website, or call our 800-264-6647 number and get added to the list! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... With temperatures supposedly hitting 60-70 degrees this week, we are finally able to have 'visions of spring dancing in our heads'! This has been a seriously long winter. We hope this past weekends snow was the last of it for this spring. John is busy clipping long winter hair off the freshening cows, with lots of new baby calves arriving weekly. They are also busy tuning and greasing the equipment as we speak, with hopes of getting into the fields in a week or so. 

FAMILY MATTERS... 25 years going and still in L O V E ! This past weekend, John and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Ok, so I'm starting to feel old...but still young at heart and madly in love (most days) with husband John! We renewed our wedding vows with Father Brian, right at the farm, and then just for fun - out came the wedding dress! Even better, it still fits, with room to spare. We had the reenactment of 'The American Gothic'... this may be the first case in history where a picture isn't worth a thousand words. But, thanks to family who attended our little celebration, we had a wonderful day and love you all! Back to work, thanks for reading.....!