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The Oranges of Autumn...

I'm starting to believe, there is no more beautiful color than orange!  It's funny that this is the one color I hated as a child.  Maybe it's the time of year, but my heart delights in this fabulous earthy hue.  From pumpkins and  leaves to bittersweet-it is my 'pick' without doubt.  Not surprising then, I suppose, I have some awesome ideas for a couple of -autumn - pumpkin - paintings..just as soon as I finish the assignment paintings in front of the line.   Since my return from World Dairy Expo (WDE), the days have been spent reorganizing and catching up in my shop, studio and house.  Funny how things unravel when you've been gone a week from home.  From laundry, to mail, to yard work - the piles were taller than I!  To help find the joy in all this 'work', I have been gathering pumpkins along the way, and embellishing our home and yard with autumn décor as I go! 

Things are looking darn nice!  I would have to admit, my favorite activity this time of year, is tromping through the woods, searching for bittersweet and the perfect branches to add to my outdoor and indoor trimmings.  OK, ok  - Enough Martha Stewart talk - I did begin painting again today - working on a commissioned project for a client.  It's nothing 'over the top exciting', but needs to get done.  It is a partial 'recreation' of my painting 'Bless America's Heroes' for a customer who plans on overlaying a verse.  Please note, this painting is now available at Bonnie Mohr Studio with my own verse in the bottom portion. 

My days are also spent doing a 'daily journal' for the month of October for FARM AND RANCH Living magazine.  It will run in the October 2011 issue.  Thursday of this past week was spent with the editor and photographer of Women.Inc. magazine, doing an interview which they plan to publish next Feb/March.  My staff is busy shipping orders from WDE, reclaiming  and organizing the shop,  and have begun preparation work for our upcoming Holiday Open House, November 11-14.  Circle the dates on your calendar - we would love to have you join us!!

Work on the farm peeks at this time of the year.  This past week, John was busy with harvesting soybeans and high moisture corn, making 5th crop hay and corn stalk bales, along with all the other routine work and chores of a dairy farm.  We enjoyed the boys' football games, attended Kate's high school concert, and doing lots and lots of homework this year!! (We must have been smarter in the old days - we never had this much homework...)

  In these golden days of fall, I hope you too will find time to seize the day - with a walk through the woods, a hot cup of 'pumpkin spice' something, or a toasty backyard  campfire! Thanks for reading...Happy Autumn! Bonnie