Taking time for family and fun

I feel numb and tired as I type this..my goal is to not fall asleep as I do this blog and smash my face into the keyboard in front of me.  This is one of those Monday mornings, I'd rather still be in bed sleeping!  Last week proved to be one of the craziest ever, again!  Let me just start off with the highlight...it was a monumental weekend of togetherness, family reunion, and celebration of my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!  In our world of 'fast forward technology', my parents continue to be a rock solid icon of love and inspiration to me, our family and the community in which they live.   As beautiful as the day they married, my parents are a testimony to believing in and standing for good things in life; working hard, having fun, and sticking it out - even during the tough times.  Thank you Mom and Dad and CONGRATULATIONS on 50 year MILESTONE together!  The entire staff spent a couple days reorganizing the back portion of our warehouse.  Lets just say  things can get out of hand when you're working fast and hard, and then comes the moment of reckoning, when you just have to stop and clean things up!  Everyone, including my kids, were busy getting ready for the photographer from Farm and Ranch magazine, for a photo shoot this past Friday. 

I have been writing a month long daily journal for them, which will run in next year's October magazine.  Their photographer came to spend a day with us, capturing our life as we balance running a dairy farm in rural Minnesota, run home based Bonnie Mohr Studio here, and raise our 5 children through it all.    By now, or sometime very soon, many of you will receive our fall newsletter in the mail.  If you have not signed up to be on our mailing list or made a purchase within the last 2 years, you may not receive it.  Please call our 1-800-264-6647 number to request a copy...OR you can also send us your email, and we will keep you updated with occasional on-line e-newsletters.  Please check our 'Shop the Gallery' section of the website, to see our new Holiday offer! So really...all work and no play just isn't right.  Therefore, I eagerly accepted an invite to visit a friend's stable, and took a riding lesson!!  I've long dreamed of owning a horse - but this, that and the other thing has resulted in no horse over the years.  Perhaps it will come to pass - I stayed on my horse for the full 30 minutes - yeah!  It was awesome, and not to brag..but they did say I was a natural! 

Nancie and I pose with Zorro, a beautiful Friesian Stallion at the stable we rode.


Three cheers!!I got through this blog!  I better get busy now with painting, and other things!   The week's end will come all too quickly..and summon the arrival of H A L L O W E E N! There will be pumpkins to carve, spirits to beckon, and parties to host!  Maybe I'll grab a broom, twitch my nose and host a spell-bound Halloween get-together myself! Happy Haunts to each and everyone! Thanks for reading - Bonnie