The McLeod County Fair!! August 21, 2007

Just Completed! Our 4 oldest children are all 4-Her's now, and couldn't love going to the fair any more than they do. (Littlest brother, Zachary, is right there too!) It was another year of fair-fun, showing cattle, eating cheese curds, packing the cooler with food, riding the Bumper Cars, getting projects judged, sharing stories in the cow barn, and coming home at 11:30pm every night tired and dirty. By the third day of the fair, Jacob (8) commented that he had already thrown away two pairs of socks, they were so dirty! The three girls are now preparing for their dairy trips they won to the MN State Fair, the first 4 days, and the washing machine is going as fast as possible to make sure they have clean clothes to go! Congratulations to Katelyn - she exhibited the Jr. Champion Jersey (she will be going on to the State Fair with her)!