Happy Fourth of July!

So, "Happy 4th of July everyone!" This blog is dedicated to our beautiful country and especially all the men and women who have and are continuing to serve our country to make America so great. Thank you! Your call to serve our country, makes this a better world for everyone, you are truly appreciated. We will spend the 4th at the lake with some of our family. It'll be a quick trip, but a much enjoyed and an appreciated break from the normal craziness! Work in the studio on new miniature originals continues nicely! I am doing a series of 4 paintings depicting the Holstein cow face in all 4 seasons...may promote these as a set - not sure, but they are fun and turning out great. Much energy from John and myself has streamlined towards the continued efforts of our fieldstone landscaping project. We've got a couple of great guys helping us along, and honestly, I think building rock walls is almost as artistic as painting. Only two casualties to report so far... a case of poison ivy (which I encountered while on a rock-retrieving expedition), and a case of tendonitis in my right wrist from overdoing rock handling. Probably need to watch that right wrist thing if I plan on staying in the art/painting business. Wishing you a Happy 4th -stay safe, and lets all pray for rain again, it seemed to work the last time, and we are sure getting thirsty again! Thanks for reading,