thankful & grateful

Well here we are...only a day away from Thanksgiving...and I am very thankful!  I am pecking away at my list of, what seems like, never ending deadlines for this year.  The list has ranged from

-completing many phases of the studio remodel on time so the next guy could get in and do his part

-so we could be ready for the Christmas in July Sale

-graduating Taylor from college

-graduating Jacob from high school

-a big party to celebrate these two graduations

-moving 3 kids - you got it, by certain dates

-a "workers party" for the remodeling crew

-completing 3 new paintings before World Dairy Expo

-so I could get them printed in time for World Dairy Expo

-packing up and getting to World Dairy Expo

-getting back home from Expo, to unpack, re-inventory and reorder merchandise

-to be ready for the Grand Re-Opening of Bonnie Mohr Studio

-and currently working on deadlines for 6 new commissioned paintings

In Minnesota, we simply say "uff-da"...(I'm German and Italian, but I speak this Norwegian word well!)

-And finally, I guess you could say Thanksgiving is a deadline too...since I will be hosting ; )  Which...I am happy to do!  I love entertaining and using my fancy dishes and bowls and serving ware!  I guess that is the 'artist' in me!  I love our traditional homemade Thanksgiving turkey feast with all the trimmings, and it is the one time of year I eat cranberries (with my turkey - so so good!)

I will host about half of my family, better known as the Bianchi Bunch and Gram Mohr, of course! I can't wait, it is my favorite holiday of the year.  Our day consists of getting chores done in the morning, church, eating a big meal, (first we drink some wine though ;) ) and then spending the afternoon playing cards and eating some we have a traditional 'candy tray' that everyone grazes on all afternoon long.  By 4pm it is time to get out the second round of food, which is finger foods and snackies, just in case you haven't already gotten enough to eat all day long! 

Mostly, I am excited to see my children, as four of the five are out of the nest now!  All but our Texas girl Amanda will be able to join us this year :)  It is a time to renew, enjoy, laugh and be merry around the kitchen counter with food aromatherapy, storytelling, and just the wonderful fellowship of family!

We thank our God in Heaven for this beautiful day of celebration and a time to be extra thankful.  I have been blessed with an amazing family, wonderful employees, good health, and the gift of being able to spend my life doing something I love so much, painting!  Thank you for your love and support too, without customers, to support me, I would still be milking cows with John - not that that would be so bad, but lets just say that in the dead of winter and heat of summer, it is pretty comfy sitting my studio with a paint brush in my hand ;) 

With gratitude and love, I would like to wish you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!