Nonchalant November

November is one of my favorite months.  It is the "Thursday night" of the week.  It is the whipped cream on the desert.  It is discovering the best part of the movie, when it isn't over yet.  It is the magical time of year that we sort-of think about slowing down, while we are gearing up at the same time.  November brings the faint calling of "the year is almost over" what am I all thankful for having done or lived this past year, while it also brings a faint clamor to mind of what needs to be finished before December 31!  It is the time of year that Mother Nature shows off her most jewel-toned precious colors, and the earth shares all of her autumn fragrances! 

We at Bonnie Mohr Studio would like to take the opportunity during this month of thankfulness to thank you... For your kind words, visits to the shop, and supporting my journey of art!  Thank you for your patience during our remodel this past year and for your exciting responses to the new artwork and cards that were recently released. It was so wonderful to see so many of you at the Open House this past weekend!!

As you can see, there is something for every age group at the Bonnie Mohr Studio Open House!

It doesn't matter your age...ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS is loved by little kids and big kids too! 

Remi sat nearby on the Gator, greeting all of our guests!!! 

And just in case you didn't make it...just is what you missed!!!! 

A wonderful time was had by all...but wait, there's more...we will be hosting our next Gala Holiday Event December 1 -2, see more details HERE!!  Hope to see you ;)

November is also all about FOOTBALL baby!!  I would like to do a GINORMOUS shoutout to the Glencoe Silver Lake Panther Football team for a great season.  We stood along the fence, rolled up in blankets as the snow came down, and cheered on our Panthers as it came down to an overtime event.  We ended the season with a fantastic game, one point short in the 42-41 score and wrapped up the season this past Friday night!  So proud of you all...great season boys!

Zach Mohr is definitely my favorite number 12 !!!  Go Zach go!!!

One of GSL's long time coaches...thanks for all you do Coach Dose!!..Zach with Big Brother Jake!

Quick reminder, 2018 is less than 2 months away and our calendars are almost sold out!! GET YOURS TODAY.

In love with November - thanks for reading............