Sweet Summer

I don't know about you, but amongst adjectives that would be used to describe me, 'athletic' would probably not make the Top 10 List.   Yet, when I sit and watch the 2012 Olympic Games on some of these summer evenings, I find myself twisting, turning, screaming, and jumping around the living room - like it really matters, as though it might make a difference in their performance.  I love it!  It's really too bad I'm not an athlete, because my competitive spirit is tough, full, and alive!  Maybe in my next lifetime, you'll be watching me on TV in the Olympics...I will either be swimming or doing gymnastics! For now, I am content to continue my training as I prepare for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60-mile walk, to find a cure for Breast Cancer.  Today is a big day of walking for me - I did 12 miles this morning and will do another 6 later today.  What a glorious summer morning, with a cool breeze and slight overcast sky.  As I strolled down the countryside back roads, I felt joy and happiness - to be able to live in such a peaceful and beautiful place.  Our crops look great, our hot weather has (at least for now) subsided, and my shin splints are gone (cross your fingers :))  I will participate in the 3-Day in Minneapolis-St.Paul, August 24th-26th...60 miles in 3 days.  (No worries ? I have my compression socks and umbrella hat all packed, just in case :)) 

Aside from all this athletic hoopla, we've already canned 141 quarts of pickles and 29 quarts of salsa this summer, and just picked another 90 mouthwatering red ripe tomatoes today....so, yes, we will be making more salsa tomorrow.  In this over crazed electronic world, I am happy to report that I am playing a role in teaching my children something about tradition and making memories that involve something other than pushing a button.  We are shooting for about 100 quarts of salsa, and hopefully will get some sweet corn put in the freezer, too.  

Our boy's baseball is now coming to an end....it was the season finale and pileup last night.  We have loved every minute of it, but I gotta admit, I think I was starting to develop a case of bleacher butt.  Time for a couple of weeks break, and then we will get rolling with football :)  You know your season in MN by the color of leaves and the sport being played as you drive through town! 

I'm just finishing up this sweet little painting in time for a new Christmas Card this year.  It will be going to press soon - check back on the website in a few weeks for all the details.  Lana, Tami, Karen, and Alyssa are getting things packed up for the MN State Fair.  We will be exhibiting again for our 12th year in a row.  We hope to see many of you there this year, we will be in our same spot in the Coliseum, just across from the Miracle of Birth Center. That's it for now....enjoy the rest of your summer! Thanks for reading!