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A "Great" Day

What is a great day?  It can mean about as many things to as many people as there are shades of colors.  I had a "great day" today..... after being sick for 4 days - it was the comeback day!  What is it about being sick (when you are used to running at full throttle), that gives you the sensation that the world is coming to an end?  Geez - I make myself even sicker just because I am worried about not getting stuff done because I am sick.  Well, on day 3, I succumbed to my bed, and slept most of the, I am on the come back, and even though I am still not 100%, it feels great.  This is a great day! Thankfully so - I am waiting on a phone call from John as I write this.  While hurdling over a barnyard fence yesterday, he tripped up somehow, and took a 3-foot fall to cement on his shoulder, and it was his good one!  He is in having an MRI right now - the doctor said something about a rotator cuff........this should be fun. To compound the excitement around here, I asked the boys to please look for our newly adopted cat, Harper, when they went out for chores.  They arrived back to the house not long ago...."Good news Mom, we found Harper....just one problem.....he's stuck to a mouse glue pad."  Oh really :)....... Scissors in hand, I carefully cut the poor fella's beautiful long gray belly hair away from the intense stickiness of the mouse pad.  It was one of those moments - do you laugh or cry?  Poor thing!  The guy who invented those things must be a millionaire - they are powerfully sticky!! What does all this have to do with my painting....?  Not a thing, sometimes it's just good therapy to share your stories, and in my case, an alibi for why I haven't anything new to show you :) It will soon be time to get on the turkey trail, and prepare a menu.....Thanksgiving is not far off.  Painting might have to wait one more week :) Thanks for reading! Bonnie