Autumn Delights

Fall is truly one of the most beautiful seasons in Minnesota, with the bursts of reds and oranges in the trees and the golden waves of the tall corn in the fields along the horizon. The festive harvest season is underway as combines and wagons move through the fields and fallen leaves crunch under foot wherever I walk. We decorated the house and front porch with an array of pumpkins - red, orange, and even green ones! :) - and orange and yellow mums and lights. It is an almost magical time of the year, with the orange lights glowing in the night as the smell of pumpkin spice candles drifts through the house. I love it. The year is moving so quickly. The days fly by and I would like to savor and hang on to this time of year. Can it be the middle of October already? My time is split between family and business and trying to fit everything in and getting it all done... I'm trying to get back to painting and get ready for our open house! Our first open house starts Thursday, November 1 and runs to Sunday, November 4 and our second open house is Thursday, November 29 through December 2. My sister Becky is back for her second year with her holiday cookies, so be sure to come out to the farm to sample her scrumptious and simply delectable holiday treats and place your order for cookies to be picked up at the second open house! Well, I must get back to painting. Sending you all warm wishes during this magical season :) Thanks for reading, Bonnie