Summer Fun

One of the craziest things to me in life, is how we learn things, forget them, and then constantly 'relearn' them.  Balance, for example; The need to have balance in your life.  My world is a constant 'too much to get done, in way to short a time' do you take time off to do something fun, when you have so much work to do.  And so, yesterday we embarked on a 'family day' at the new MN Twins Stadium in Minneapolis, MN.  With all family members present, I relearned the need to 'take time off' to refresh the heart and soul and enjoy some of life's little pleasures.  The day was premium; sunny and 85, a light breeze, with little to no humidity it was pure summer bliss at it's best. A win by the Twins (better luck next time Dodgers : ), and a wonderful meal at the famous Brazilian steak house, Fogo De Chow,  topped off with lots of laughter and enjoyment of just being together brought me back home last night, feeling like I was ready to conquer the world again.  Here's to summer!! By now, you've noticed the lack of blogs...!  No scientific reason, just too much to get done, and not enough know - the above paragraph. We haven't been sitting still though.  You will start to see some changes on our website over the course of the next few months.  We are beginning to make small changes that will help you find things easier.  You will also see we have a new category called 'Decorator Prints', which features a new print line of 'more affordable art' to fit every budget or gift buying need. More on Decorator Prints in my next Blog. And last but not least - yes, in between motherhood and wearing my summer 'fun time' hat, I have finally resumed painting.  This painting is something brand new for me - it is inspirational - and I think you will like it. Stay posted please, and I will show something asap. 

Wishing you lots of sunshine and happiness - Thanks for reading!!! - Bonnie