Destination : Duluth !

I'm slowly learning that the way to actually 'do' some of the things in summer, that you hope to accomplish is to put them on the calendar!  Several weeks ago, our oldest daughter who goes to college in Duluth reminded me of the promise I'd made to get up there this summer!  I grabbed our 'already loaded' family calender, found an open weekend, and plotted our destination:  Duluth, MN...July 22-24.  What a beautiful city with an endless list of activities and 'happenings' for summer vacationers!  The timing on this little two-day get-a-way was perfect as I am fully engaged in a water painting at the moment.  There is a peaceful, calming, spiritual presence of the water that seems to draw you in.  The sailboats were also parading the water, enjoying the partly overcast afternoon.  Lot's of fun...Duluth is a wonderful city to vacation or spend a short weekend! Back to the easil, Monday morning beckons me to pick up my brush and get busy! Thanks for reading............! Bonnie