Summer finally kicks in!

Greetings Friends... Ahhhh summer - at last! The time of year when even 17 hours of sunshine doesn't seem like enough time to pack in all the activities on our agenda. For some, it can be the 'lazy days of summer', for those who live in the Mohr household, it is an obstacle course of play and work carefully webbed into each day from sunrise to sunset! I feel the momentum of "LET THE GAMES BEGIN"! The focus of our summer will be the continued landscaping around the house and yard (does it ever end!), and many, many activities with our growing family in and about the local area. With high gas prices (and the fact that we spent our vacation budget in February going to Hawaii),we will celebrate our summer and make memories around home, participating in lots of local events. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all dads! Thank you for big bear hugs and whisker rubs, thank you for pitching the baseball and teaching us about work ethic, thank you for being at the band concert and changing the oil in our car, thanks dad for all you do - we are gratified at the unending time, and talent and love that you so generously share! Wishing you all a great month, with plenty of time for your family and yourself to revive and reboot - rise early, play hard and don't forget the mosquito spray - summer doesn't last forever! 

AROUND THE STUDIO... I realize that I should probably be painting a 'thirst quenching glass of tea or lemonade', but I have been wanting to do an irresistible cup of coffee - forever... and so I did. Actually, I did two, and here they are. Once again, these two smaller originals are part of a new collection of 'fun things' and 'new styles' that I am experimenting with. My time in the studio is being challenged with soooo many summer activities of the children, but I will continue to do my best at getting some quality time at the easel - stay tuned! COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... After a marathon stretch of drizzle and cool weather, we were finally able to make first crop hay. Ten days behind normal schedule, but we are thankful first crop is in! The cows are milking good with these cooler temps and the fly population has stayed at bay. Like most farmers, John is busy repairing fence and getting cattle situated at pasture, and the garden and the weeds are growing like crazy. FAMILY MATTERS... the children are loving summer! No bedtime schedule, ball games, fishing in the river and several pool days already! Don't get me wrong - chores first!! Yesterday was the Hutchinson Water Carnival Parade. What fun - all the dads rode on the floats too, in celebration of Father's Day! Pictured here is daughter Amanda and dad John riding on the Silver Lake float as part of the Pola-czesky Royalty. Thanks for reading,