Sheep, Cows, and Baseball

AROUND THE STUDIO... The sheep painting is complete... it is just waiting for a name! Sometimes titles pop into my head during the whole creating process and other times it is a real labor to come up with that 'just perfect' title idea. Stay posted for a glimpse of what's now on the easel for next week!! Just arrived in the mail yesterday is my copy of the quarterly Catholic Forester (CF) magazine with a cover and article on my work as a Rural American Artist. We will be starting a new 'COOL STUFF' page on our website very soon, and we will post the CF article there. If you just can't wait that long, and would like your own personal copy, you can call them at 800-617-4176, or email them at . 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Miracles do happen! If you have any knowledge of a dairy farm, you know nice weather means lots of running and heels up in the cow yard when they are out for exercise. A slippery feed lot was the accident zone for one of our nice 3 year old Holstein milk cow this past Sunday morning. She went down, doing the splits and stayed there until John lifted her with the Bobcat and moved her to a comfortable loafing shed for recovery. And so, you wait and pray that she will get up again. This morning John bounded quickly to the house, in the middle of morning chores to report that she had gotten up! Thank you God for small miracles. 

FAMILY MATTERS... Along with this nice spring weather, comes the beginning of baseball season at our house as well. This post is a testimony that using your glove to catch the ball works better than your eye! Poor little Zachary caught a fast pitch in the eye... between the missing teeth and black eye, my reputation as being a good parent is at stake!! He is recovering nicely as we speak. We've also been busy with the Spring Band-O-Rama Concert, and Prom. Lots of fun moments... Thanks for reading, Happy Spring!