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September, School, and Salsa

This is my favorite month of the year! First of all - the cooler nights are such a joy. Sleeping with the windows open, digging out your favorite sweatshirt, and burning pumpkin scented candles in the house all add to the fullness of this season - AUTUMN. Oh, and let's not forget FOOTBALL! Everyone in MN is already fully engaged! And even though I am shy to promote my age, it is my birthday month and I have come to learn that the more you promote it, the more fun you I will have to get going with that soon too : ) It seems that the summer came and went in a blink again. The kids have now returned to school and I am adjusting to a quieter house without all the commotion and hoopla that summer brings when there is no real schedule and late nights become the norm. In between homework, football, and chores, we are still making salsa!! Between this summer's heat and the fact that we watered, it looks like I could be making salsa right up until Christmas this year : ) State Fair is wrapped up too, and our efforts now turn to preparing for World Dairy Expo! This year's super cow show will be held October 1-5, once again in Madison, WI. We are returning for our 28th year! If you have not ever attended this world famous "happening," you should seriously think about it! There is no other cow experience on the face of the earth of this magnitude...... Over 2,384 cows are exhibited representing all 7 breeds, with more than 850 commercial exhibits, and people coming from over 90 countries! The latest technology and equipment is displayed, some of the best cow sales happen here, and there is great food and fun for everyone! Once again, we will have a booth location in the West Lobby of the Coliseum and also the main hall of the Exhibition Hall. Hope to see you there! Enough chatter...I need to get back to painting before it's time to make salsa tonight! Thanks for reading...... Bonnie