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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

Returning From World Dairy Expo

Not only is it a stunning autumn day here in Minnesota, but as I write, I am also relishing in the feat of getting through my 28th year of World Dairy Expo (WDE) as a commercial exhibitor! I realize I am starting to date myself by mentioning this, but I can still rock n' roll with the best (and younger) of them .... and we did close down the Hoard's Dairyman Commercial Exhibitor Party Reception - AGAIN!! I dedicate this blog to my awesome staff who get all the "Bonnie Mohr Studio" stuff packed and ready to go, who help with set up, who work diligently all week long, and who were still cheerful at the end of the show during take down and the long ride home. And a big "cheers" to my staff members who took care of the office while we were at the show. I truly recognize that the success of Bonnie Mohr Studio is based on the people who run it and I am blessed to have a wonderful and supportive staff - thanks ladies! The next biggest test to surviving WDE is surviving this first week back home. Day one is extra love and attention to the children and pets who were left at home, unpacking the trailer, getting groceries and washing clothes. Do not think for a second that this was even a dent ... I went to the garden on day two and picked 8 bushels of tomatoes! Now what I am going to do with these? I already canned 160 quarts of salsa this summer! Today, I will figure out what to do with the tomatoes, finish laundry, schedule conferences and doctor appointments for the kids, pay bills, continue working on the new catalog we are getting ready to print and "wish" I were painting. I am including the new image of the Brown Swiss painting I am currently finishing. She debuted at WDE, but returned home for finishing touches!! The coming weeks will be filled with lots of painting, preparing for our Holiday Open Houses (, and putting the finishing touches on our new catalog and website. Please let us know if there are special things you would like to see in the way of paintings or merchandise! Happy to be back home, and enjoying beautiful autumn days! Thanks for reading, Bonnie