Farm Animal Series Release!!!

Thank you for being so patient for the arrival of new artwork!  The concept of this farm animal series has been dancing in my head for a few years now.  Being a mom of 5, one thing I loved was decorating the kid's bedrooms with their favorite décor, including the perfect pictures to hang on their walls!  So here's the thing...whether you live on a farm or suburb or in the heart of a city, there is a common thread amongst kids - they all love animals.  Whala...the driving inspiration for this series is for decorating children's bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms!  On the other hand, most adults, including me, still cherish many of the childlike joys we knew as a youngster.  One of those is the favorite pet we had growing up, or loved on Uncle Bob?' or maybe longed to have but never did!  This Farm Animal Series is for EVERYONE who has ever loved a farm animal and still does ; )

These 10 new images are in production now, and we will be ready to start shipping orders by September 1st.  They will be available as gallery wrapped canvas giclees!  That's frame, matting or glass necessary. (You will have the option to put a liner and frame on them if you wish, but it won't be necessary.)  So simple!  So lightweight! So perfect!  I have threaded this organic color pallet so you can mix and match any of them into a grouping of 2, or 3, or 4 or as many as you want.  Sizes will be available as 14x14, 16x16 and 28x28.  (The 28x28 is designed to hang as a single piece of art, but if you live in a really really big house...with really really big walls, you can group this size too!!)

My next SUPER BIG TASK is to give all our farmyard friends a name...which I think they should all have a name, don't you?  I love the idea of the starting consonant of the name of the animal to be the same letter as it's specie name...I tried looking up this form of literary writing...I think it is called alliteration?  Or it might be assonance?  Well, who is the concept and here are my ideas so far for naming these animals:

Cow: Cookie, Clover, Cheddar, Colby

Sheep: Sherlock, Shelby, Shadow, Sugar

Pig: Pebbles, Penny, Pickles, Piper, Polly

Horse: Humphrey, Haley, Henry

Rabbit: Ruby, Rudy, Rodeo, Romeo

Duck: Daisy, Derby 

Rooster: Rueben, Reno, Rowdy, Raven, Rocky

Dog: Digger, Dakota   

Cat: Casper, Clive, Clyde, Colby

Goat: Gus, Gladys, Gracey/Gracie

I would love to hear your ideas too!!  Cast your vote for your favorites HERE on Facebook..or maybe you have some other great name ideas that you want to share with me?
More details to be coming over the next few weeks on this new Farm Animal Series!  I am so excited for the release of this new series!!!

Wishing you a warm and sunny July day ; )


PS. You still have one week to place your pre-order framed art for World Dairy Expo!  Remember, beginning last year we are switching to more of a "place your order at Expo, and we will ship it" concept.  However, if you wish to be insured that we will personally bring you the framed piece of art you specifically would like, you can pre-order until August 1st by calling Bonnie Mohr Studio at 320.864.6642