July Happenings!

Would you look at this sunrise...5am this past Saturday morning, of our long awaited Christmas in July Sale...the promise of a hot day was delivered.  We had a heat index of about 210 degrees!!...well at least it felt like it, but it was probably more like 105.  We enjoyed seeing so many of you, thank you for coming out, what a day! 

One of my favorite events of the day was "couch photos" with y'all.  These two girls were FUN, and I thought for sure they were going to BUY my couch, but they didn't!

So I tried to sell it to these folks, they didn't want to buy it either.

I'm considering keeping the couch...besides the fact that it is completely out of date (but then, kind of back in-date again) and is a little full of dog hair, this thing sits better than most of the furniture in my house!  We'll see!!

I had many many many more couch photos, but we will call it good with these two! 

The chaos and fun of summer was at full tilt this past week.  John boy was busy with herd classification...would you look at how pretty these girls look!  And would you look at how pretty John looks in his new Glenmark shirt too! 

Speaking of our pretty girls...meet Bombschell, she always gets the end stall where the wind can blow in and cool her off!!

So I have finally tried YOGA!!  Amanda and I went to the Crow River Winery for their Thursday night Yoga and Wine...gotta say, I LOVED THEM BOTH!!  I will definitely be back.

Not that I'm promoting my "college hair cutting business", but word does get around that I am pretty good at haircuts...one of Jake's buddies, we like to call him "FIELD" for short (plus that is his last name...tricky huh, LOL) asked if I would please cut his hair.  Now how can you refuse such a gentlemanly request (plus you know you must be kind of a cool mom when your 18  year old son's friends will let you cut their hair!!)  So, here you go, BEFORE........

And After...not bad if I do say so myself!!  (And for those who have always wondered what Bonnie Mohr looks like just after a shower with no makeup on....here you go!  HA)

Well, this is enough excitement for one blog...stay tuned for next week - it is high time to unveil some new artwork, and it will happen here... same day, same place, next week... see you again soon!  Now get out there and enjoy some summer fun, just like we are!!