Picking strawberries

IN THE STUDIO... In all honesty, I just haven't been in the studio enough this past week to complete the next new painting. Perhaps I should be more discreet about it, but I've always believe that honesty is the best policy, thus - nothing new to show today!! We have some interesting things going on though and will have some fun news to share in the next few weeks! We're also busy with inventorying and starting to get ready for the MN State Fair - can't believe how fast this summer is going!! 

COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Pictured today is one of our landscaping projects that we've been working on. We've finished this area, other than we're waiting on the new farm/studio sign to arrive and it will be hung between the two stone columns. Next item on the agenda is the patio in the back yard. We hope to get to it this weekend! It's getting dry here in MN, although the crops look remarkable. John will start cutting second crop hay today or tomorrow. The kids are starting to work with the cows and are thinking about county fair... only 1 month away! And what would summer be without strawberries!! We arrived early last Saturday morning to Kathleen's Garden and picked strawberries for a couple of hours!! They were delicious and we even froze a few. 

FAMILY MATTERS... there are certain everyday basics that we adhere to around our house... like everyone helps clear the table (or counter) after meals, everyone helps with chores- indoor and out, hang up your towels, coats, etc., etc. In the 25 years that we have been married, we've also become fixed on the Sunday morning church hour as a family unit. I want to share this with you, because it is such a good thing. There are so many reasons why people don't get to church on Sunday morning, and I would say, that if so inclined, these reasons could get in everyone's way if allowed, including ours... too busy, too tired, too hot, too cold, too sleepy, have to work, etc., etc. To date, I have not come up with a more reliable act, or refreshing lift for our family than spending an hour together in church on Sunday morning. No matter how frenzied and weary I am upon scurrying all the children into the van, and heading down the road to mass, there is an irresistible feeling of love and comfort as we travel together as a family to church. The business of unloading and getting into church and then choosing where to sit , all melt into a quiet calm as we get settled into the pew and begin mass. As we sing, and worship and share the sign of peace with each other, there are glimpses of smiles shared amongst each other and an unspoken presence of family bonding, and most importantly the spiritual renewal that only God can give you to face another big week! We leave church, visiting with friends, shaking Fr. Brian's hand as we go out the door, and reload into the van to head back home. This time is one of the most precious gifts a family can share!