A Bump in the Road

This blog is actually posting four days late...my "post-er girl" was out of town (my wonderful Alyssa who helps me out with posting these blogs) - It seems what it takes me an hour to do on the computer, she can do in less than 5 minutes. ;) Hello from Minnesota, this is a shout out to anyone reading - "is spring out there somewhere?" My gosh, it was the first day of spring here today, (you too?), and as I put a clothes on today, we have a -6 F windchill. Considering it was almost 80 degrees here a year ago, something seems seriously wrong! Today, well actually maybe for a few days, I've been feeling like my life has paralleled a bump in the road. I know this is a temporary condition that will pass, but sometimes you have to wonder if the bus is stuck and you are under it! Do you ever have days where everything in your world seems somewhat disorderly? Me too - and I'm there. Tonight, as I was slipping on my pajama pants, I confirmed this suspicion, as I looked down and realized I was wearing mismatched socks. This is a low for me...one thing I never, ever do. One of my cardinal rules in life - never wear mismatched socks. Why? I don't know. It's just something I really love - clean socks that match! :) Not sure I will even be able to sleep tonight. Earlier today, my husband asked me, exactly what went wrong when I gave him his haircut two days ago. He said, even his Mom (who he doesn't see on a weekly basis) asked him today, who gave him this new haircut..."Something happened," she said. (And this is coming from the kindest lady on the face of the earth.) Our 4th child will be getting braces this week along with their price tag. Since when do you have to take out yet another mortgage to get braces on your child!? As Grandpa Mohr would say, "Holy Fright!" And then there is my painting.... What painting...? The very heart and soul of who I am....painting....it's not happening, folks. It seems life has me by its clutching jaws right now and I long to paint, paint, paint. These past two weeks have gripped me with pre-graduation things, doctoring kids, taxi-ing kids (is that even a word?), working on our new website, preparing for our Spring Event, doing taxes, and lots of other things (but not matching socks.) So when I am feeling a little miserable, I am a huge fan of getting through it all with humor! When things seems "tough," you really must look for happy moments in all possible situations. Here is one: While checking out my things at a store this afternoon, I asked the checkout guy if the tulip plants I was purchasing would be OK to wait in the car for an hour, while I did other errands. He has this "deer in the headlights" look and quickly, the lady behind me jumps in, "Oh, they will be fine. Tulips are hardy to frost." The checkout guy smiles and with all the confidence of a professional landscaper, says to me, "They will be fine, ma'am. Tulips aren't hard to defrost." I looked at him, smiled, and said, "Really! Thank you!" I just didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't have a clue what he was talking about! Well, it's time to call it a day - I need to be up early to "tidy up the fort a bit" before the repair man comes to replace the bearing that went out in our wash machine : ) As if things aren't trying enough, we are starting to stink! Thanks for reading....and don't be worrying - I'm fine, really! Bonnie