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Patiently Waiting!

It seems we have gone from the season of "snow that would never end," to the season of rain, rain, and more rain. We have had more than a week of straight rainy days! The fields in MN are probably two-thirds planted, but my guess is that most people's flowers are still sitting on the sidewalk, like mine, patiently waiting to be planted! (At least I haven't had to water them : )) I am eager to get things in the ground this year with our daughter's graduation party less than two weeks away now. I'm probably typical of most parents who have a graduating senior - the days are running out and the list is still long! I have learned over the years though, that the party comes and goes whether you are ready or not, and most people never know the difference anyway. We continue to work, work, work on the new website - still keeping our fingers crossed that we will launch at the end of this month. I can promise you, it is worth the wait, we are very excited about the new look and the features our new site will have. Please stay tuned and get ready for some fun shopping, as we will be sure to launch it with some exciting specials! Meanwhile, I am still trying to catch my breath as I opened the World Dairy Expo newsletter today to learn we are only 130 days away from this event. Really? I feel like I just got home from the last one!! This means the MN State Fair is even less days away than that and we will begin preparations soon for these two highlights of our year. First however, we are preparing for the celebration of June Dairy Month - we will be sure to have some fun activities going on - so please be watching for details in our upcoming newsletter. Looking for sunshine soon...........please send our way! Thanks for reading, Bonnie