A Sneak Peek at Something New

Hello blog readers and Hello May! We are struggling in Minnesota to grasp our spring, we had a record snowfall yesterday in Minnesota - yes, for real. Unfortunately, I've already lost two beautiful Geranium plants that I had put out last weekend for our Spring Event, when it was 75 degrees, and in my head it was not officially spring, but borderline summer, and so I forgot all about them. My husband walked into the house yesterday and said, "Hey, do those Geraniums need some water? They look pretty droopy!" LOL

THANK YOU to everyone who came out for our Spring Event! What a glorious day and wonderful event! It was a true joy to see so many of you and rekindle both old and new friendships. I can't tell you enough how appreciative I am for your support - you bring purpose and meaning to my work!

I am on the verge of finishing a brand new painting (yet to be named) and in this blog is a sneak preview of a small portion of it. The full view will be included in next week's newsletter! My guess is that not many people will look at this painting and instinctively think "Bonnie Mohr did this." There are no cows, no barns, and really nothing at all that looks like anything I've painted before. I am hopeful, however, that you will enjoy, embrace and grow with me on my evolving journey as an artist. I really love this new painting and what it symbolizes - plan for "new," "fresh," and "inspiring" concepts to evolve in my work. (Rural American, cow, and domestic animal artwork will also remain a part of my work, but I am excited about the new mix!)

Thanks for reading - enjoy the journey!