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Full Steam Ahead!

It's a super busy time at Bonnie Mohr Studio and around the farm, as well! Spring is the season to use all the "saved up energy" from the long months of winter - the TO DO list is full and long! Spring planting is well underway, baby calves are arriving daily, the graduation party is getting closer, the website is being polished and prepared for launch, and there are a million things waiting for me to paint! Yesterday was spent in the Twin Cities, meeting with my framers, printers, and some extracurricular shopping! (One is never really too busy to sneak in a little of that ; )) Today: 1. We will be meeting with our webmaster to tweak and polish the final stages of the new website, scheduled to go live at the end of May!! 2. Squeeze in a couple of hours of painting 3. Landscapers are coming to construct a new "mailbox landing"  - a picture to follow next week...if it turns out ; ) So.............I better get going..... Thanks for reading...Bonnie "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, 'I'm possible.'"Audrey Hepburn