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Packing up for World Dairy Expo!

"T'was the week before Expo, and all through the shop, not an employee was sitting or standing around. The trailer was parked by the sidewalk with care, with hopes that Lana, Tami and Karen would soon be packing in there! The employees were hustling, hurrying about, while visions of Expo danced in their heads. And Bonnie and the girls in sneakers and jeans, had reviewed the plan for the long trip ahead....." and so it goes on! We are excited for the week ahead - we are busily packing up the trailer and will embark on our 26th journey to World Dairy Expo, Madison WI this Sunday morning. Two days of set up, and then 5 days of exhibiting our art at the finest dairy show in North America! We hope to see you there !! Be sure to check Monday's blog for Expo specials we will be offering! "I heard the employees exclaim, as I walked from the shop...Happy Expo to all, and to all a good ride!" Thanks for reading... Bonnie