Fair Time!

Besides Christmas, there is probably no other more celebrated time of the year for farm families, than the County Fair!  It seems that each year, we embrace the same chaos in an effort to get to the fair in good order.  It involves training cattle to lead at the eleventh hour, rummaging through every cotton-pickin drawer in the house for at least one registration paper we can't find, loading the trailer with cattle and tack, and then rumbling down the gravel road - enroute to the county fair to see 'where we will be tied in the barn' this year!  It is the event of the year, where good people come together to talk cows, discuss crop and milk prices, and spend at least one evening together in the beer garden - even if you don't drink beer.

 From the 4-H show to the Open Class, it is friendly competition -but one of hoping you will stand first in your class.  Growing up as a 4-H member myself, it seems this is one event that still recognizes 'hands on - hard work' where electronics have not replaced wash rack scrubbing, straw bale shakin, or sweat-drippin showmanship! Where the winning flowers were picked from Margaret's garden that morning, and the winning preserves were canned by Ester - again! Where you can see 'America's Got Talent' right in your own county, center stage at the fair.  Where Corn Dogs and Cheese Curds still rule!  And where $5 will still get you a full day's worth of family fun.  This blog post is dedicated to all the hard working people who help keep rural America alive with tradition and heritage through the annual county fair.

Today, we head to the MN State Fair to set up our booth, for 12 days of displaying artwork - hope to see you there! Thanks for reading! - Bonnie