Packing, Packing, Packing!

We are almost packed and to go to the GREAT Minnesota get-together! Yes, that's right! The Minnesota State Fair opens next Thursday! It is hard to believe the summer has already flown by. The studio has been quite busy, preparing everything for this grand 12-day celebration! Ready to load, we have 140 framed prints, 400 "8x10" prints, 200 matted 8x10s, 200 framed 8x10s, 300 matted notecards and 1,400 packages of notecards, plus all the equipment. Our trailer is slowly, but surely, filling up with metal grids, lighting equipment, shelving, flooring and more. Whew! We're getting there! Be sure to visit us at the Bonnie Mohr Studio booth in the Colosseum during the fair - we have some great specials! Also, check in with our Facebook and Twitter during the celebration! We will be hosting a "State Fair" segment with trivia, questions and live videos from the fair! Find us at or follow us on Twitter at! Hope to see you there! Cheers! Alyssa