Off to the fair!

Embracing August!  I would have to admit that this month is filled with more 'hustle and bustle' around our place than December!  This week is our county fair.  Our yard looks like a parade of sorts with each kid leading their animal in a different direction, cattle trotting to and from the 'wash rack', tractors and wagons delivering loads of hay and straw, and my own employees racing around the studio to pack for State Fair.  And just when you thought it couldn't get any busier the Schwans truck pulls in the yard! 

Zach training Paige to lead!

Kate & Jacob training Ebby

There are days I feel I live in two families and the one in my head!  While I'm trying to keep ahead of the wash machine, get supper to the table, and run for kid's own TO DO list is knocking at my cranium!  In the middle of the chaos I pray for peace and strength to not just 'get through' each day, but to embrace it with passion and love.  I've learned to see the magic in each moment, and although I don't have time to practice Yoga, I think the concept is the same - stay calm and keep breathing and just move through your situation at a time...realizing the significant and meaning in the things that surround me.  There now, wouldn't Dr. Phil be proud?!  As promised - a prelim view of the painting I'm working on.  This picture was taken a few days ago - in beginning stages.  I anticipate finishing this piece tomorrow and will post the finished product next week.  This will be available as a new Christmas Card by October, along with a couple of others still waiting to get on my easel. 

A new painting to be ready for Christmas Cards by October.

 Also on the agenda for this week...making Salsa!!  Truly, one of the best fruits to evolve from the Garden of Eden was the tomato.  From BLT's to hotdish and salsa - tomatoes rule!!  Have you ever met someone who could eat sit down and eat 5 tomatoes at a sitting..well now you have.  And hey, they're good for you too!  Good garden eating and happy canning to everyone out there who loves tomatoes as much as I do. 

Fresh from the garden! Tomatoes today; Salsa tomorrow!!

 Also on the schedule - a visit from PBS at our farm this Friday, to do a little filming...I'll let you know how that goes next week :) Thought for the day: "Live with your whole being all the days of your life!  Your reward will be true happiness"

-Rebecca Thomas Shaw                                                                             

Thanks for reading - time to paint!