New Frame Shop & Book Project!

Welcome, welcome Daylight Savings Time! An extra hour of daylight just seems to help me get more mileage out of my day, I guess it is one of those mental things, but I feel more energized and seem to get more done. 

Behind the Scenes:

I thought I would share a new adventure with you that has been grabbing some of my time.  Late last fall, when I heard the local frame shop was closing in Glencoe....well, long story short, I bought it.  We opened on December 1st as THE FRAME SHOP & Gift Gallery, it is a quaint little frame shop carrying high quality molding and mats from the industry's leading frame suppliers and now it's walls showcase my Rural American and Inspirational artwork.  With no other framer in a 30 mile radius - we are going to give it our best shot! Store manager and Master Framer, Carolyn Fiecke, is running the place and I will be the first to say, you are in good hands with her! We are preparing for our upcoming Grand Opening, April 10-12th, please stop in if you are in the area!  

Check us out online at: 

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Meanwhile - I have finished the second draft mockup of the children's book I am working on, and I'm hard at work on the paintings for it. This is getting very exciting! I will share some images with you next week!

Think Spring!

Thanks for reading,