A Book in the Making!

My aspirations of producing a children's book someday, have now become REAL TIME!  It's funny how you think of doing something, forever it seems, and then when it all starts to unfold it is amazingly exciting and scary all at the same time!  But, I guess I'm ready to start sharing the beginnings of my first book....a children's book.  (I'm withholding the name of the book yet...oh, the suspense!)

Yes, in this day and age of computer technology, you can see I am still a hands-on girl with tape, scissors, paper cutter and pencil!

The sketch work will hopefully provide me with a clear road map of where I am going with this project - and help to avoid some of the pitfalls and wasted painting time down the road!

Believe it or not, the mockup has been about 3 weeks of work - I feel very good about the images and story line coming together.  I have actually already started painting - and will show more next week : )  I invite you to travel along with me, with updates from my studio as the project unfolds and the paintings come to life!

Thanks for reading...AND HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!