New Art!

My new FARMING painting is finished, and I will see final round of color corrections on it this week. This painting and the verse I wrote for it embodies a large part of who I am. Born and raised on a dairy farm in St. George, MN, I was one of eight children, and a 'farmer's daughter'! The lifestyle we lived, included ownership in your chores, being a team player, and love for the wholesome country life we lived.  From planting in the spring, to praying for rain in the summer, the fall harvest was by far the most exciting time of the year on the farm. The bounty of the harvest, the fruit of your labor, watching the tractors and combines do their work, taking lunch out to the field crews, and the busy hum of the corn dryer running through the night.....I remember it all and love it dear to my heart.  It is a humbling and faith-filled lifestyle. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is how John and I have raised our 5 children too...........knock on wood - so far - so good ; )  This painting celebrates farming and the people who farm - I am so happy and excited to share this painting with you.  My next job is to determine the types of products and sizes we will reproduce - we will get on press with this piece within the next month and availability should be by September sometime. Stay posted!

WE THREE QUEENS is nearing completion - this will be a new Christmas Card image for this year - also to be available by sometime in September. Today I am working on snow, gently falling, as these three queens who look out the barn door.  These are three of our own dairy cows, whom I photographed a couple weeks ago out on the pasture as reference for this painting.  It is a simple and peaceful painting, with the pure essence of calm and love - I think it will make a perfect Christmas card, and hope you will enjoy it too.  

In between painting - I will be hopping this week................the tomatoes are coming, the tomatoes are coming! Thank goodness we got the pickles done, because we will be riding the salsa train very soon!! The summer is flying by - the straw is made, 3rd crop hay is now finished, the dreaded 'back to school' advertisements are everywhere, and the kids have turned golden brown from the many days of fishing in the sun (after chores of course ; )  Wishing you a happy August - enjoy these beautiful summer days!

Thanks for reading............