More Painting, and More Cold

AROUND THE STUDIO... still painting - here is a look at some more new things I've worked on this past week. Feelin' kinda fruity I guess!! I love spring and especially baby chicks, and headed in this direction. Based off of real life experience, I know that things are not always perfect for kids, and probably not for animals either. When I was creating this painting, I thought about the lonely kid who doesn't have any friends at school, and this sweet little chick is asking the pear 'WANNA BE FRIENDS'. I also imagined this baby getting lost and separated from her own kind, and she says to the pear "HEYHAVE YOU SEEN MY MOM?"... I don't know, maybe I'm just a little nuts, but I loved doing this painting. Also... I just decided to do this more serious, solo version of a pear. I may come up with another couple of fruit paintings to go with this piece, would be perfect for kitchens... maybe... who knows, we'll see what happens.

 COW TALES AND FARM NEWS... Spring is arriving so S L O W L Y this year. Most farmers have not YET made it into the fields. Temps are not getting much past 60 or 65, and we get rain every 3rd day or so. I am not sure what the weather is doing in other parts of the country, but Minnesota is being very stubborn this spring. The cows love this weather though... they don't have to wear their hats and mittens out to play, and at the same time, the flies don't even have a chance when it's this chilly!! 

FAMILY MATTERS... the kids are all counting down... only 17 more days of school... wow!! I always need to brace myself for that first crazy week of summer vacation when everyone is adjusting to this new 'unstructured' change of pace. We are into full swing of spring concerts, baseball, continued gymnastics, and picking out animals to be shown at the county fair this summer!! EXTRAEXTRA... I just have to share this photo with you... one customer sent me this picture of her cat, who jumped up on top of the mantle, and seemingly fell in love with this cow, featured in the print of 'Attitude is Everything'! Love it!!! Thank you for sharing. Thanks for reading,