Mid-year Motivation!

This year has been a blink! It is usually in July that I panic about the year being half over, while my TO DO and GOAL list for the year is only about one fourth completed.  I am perpetually amazed at how fast the year can slip by, how the days never seem long enough, and how fast time goes.  Interestingly enough, writing and painting a children's book has been a lingering thought, perhaps aspiration over the years, but never a part of my goal list, as I'm always too busy for that.  It was not on my goal list for this year either - as a matter of fact, I didn't even make a list this year. 

The new year found me running in too many directions, doing too many things, and trying to juggle the balance of a business owner, employer, artist, wife and mom - there was no time to make a goal list.  This was one of those years, I thought I would just wing it!  So far, so good.  My year has been filled with transitions, chaos, and delight as I see my first children's book coming to life.  Painting number 14 of the 16 I have to complete and is on the easel today - with a deadline of tomorrow, as canvas number 15 is waiting in line.  My deadline is still chasing me, my body is getting stiff and sore from my rigid painting schedule, but I am happily motoring along - watching a dream turn reality - and so, although the year is half over, I am content knowing it has been spent productively and there is something to show for it. 

How about you? July is a wonderful time of the year to take inventory of life and your TO DO list - still plenty of time to accomplish the things you desire, that make you happy and your life better ;)

Stay in touch - details of the book project will be announced sometime in August or early September -  Wishing you beautiful summer days filled with some rest and relaxation!

Thanks for reading,