Happy 4th of July!

Growing up in a family of 10 meant a lot of things; sharing, hand-me-downs, and all-inclusive events - including the 4th of July.  We had plenty of good grilling throughout the day, and the long awaited homemade firework show in our own back yard, it was the highlight of the day!  We would race around with our sparklers, like we were on fire ourselves - what fun!  The years have passed, but the honor and tribute of this holiday continues strong. A day to celebrate our country, being an American, and honoring those who have served our country to protect our freedom - THANK YOU!

The beginning of July also sends an alert, ringing through my mind that summer is in full swing and starting to pass. Awareness and feelings of this wonderful and casual time of year heighten, as I long to make the most of these warm comfortable days. (Living in Minnesota, probably has something to do with this keen consciousness!)  This summer in particular is slipping by, as one day turns into the next - I continue to paint hard - watching 'summer' from my studio windows!   With my book deadline drawing near, I have bittersweet emotions knowing this will be the summer I didn't know - but feeling excited and happy as my book comes alive with the completion of each painting.  Today is a sneak peak at another of the pieces I am working on!  The plan is to start promoting the book around September with orders to ship before the holidays - so you may just want to pencil "Bonnie's new Children's Book" on your Christmas list! 

Have a wonderful 4th, and as always....thanks for reading!