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Merry Christmas to all!

Dear Friends - Merry Christmas!  We are so busy shoveling, moving and pushing snow here in MN, there is hardly time to write a blog!!  No kidding.  The banks are high, the drifts are deep.  We have already received as much snow to date, as we normally get in an entire winter.  So, enough bragging about all our snow...Life around Bonnie Mohr Studio is starting to relax this week, with Christmas only a day away now.  I hope you are all settled into a warm cozy home, surrounded with family and friends, enjoying this special holiday too. 

Our December has been filled with Christmas concerts, holiday baking, and the same business as most households during this epic time of the year.  I also finished up this Black Angus painting a couple of weeks ago, and will resume back to work in a few days. 2010 was a year of many deadlines though, and it is good to take a little break.  Thanks to everyone who shopped with and stopped by our studio this past year.  We enjoy your friendship and appreciate your business.  We are excited for many new things to come this year, and look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon. 

  -Blessings and joy to you all, during this wonderful time of the year... Thanks for reading, Bonnie