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I'm pretty sure 'Don't know if I'm coming or going' was aimed at me when someone created it!  They say, to stay calm and carry on, but if you meet yourself at the door - something is seriously wrong!  Life has been at the pace where I am coming and going, and kind of doing a twirl thing at the door ; )  Thankfully, I love 90% of everything that's going on (this is even better than the 80/20 rule!!), and hey who ever said anyone would love that other 10% (you know things like wiping down grease splattered appliances - this is where they invented the word DREAD!)

Anyway - what's all going on????  For starters - my printer went out, not sure where it went, but it certainly is not doing what it is suppose to do!  This creates a state of affairs all of its own!  In my world, my printer is just as important as my dishwasher and curling iron, I don't do well without any of them.  Four hours later, after you've been on hold for half of that time, the technician arrives at the conclusion you would just be better to go out and buy a new one.  Really?  This one was only 3 years old, what happened to the good ole days when something you would buy lasted 20 years or so?  

I routed about this past week to 3 pig farms - seeking to find the 'Prince Wilbur of Pigs!'  I won't disclose too much info right now, but it is for the new painting series I am working on.  I will admit that being a dairy farmer has kept me a bit sheltered from the big picture of life, but talk about a comedy show - these pigs were fascinating - their dialect was beyond funny and now I know why they are called pigs.  Take this mud hole for many big pigs can fit into a 4 foot mud hole - let me tell you, about five, 400 pounders!!

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REMI update: This week Remi is learning how to drive a dirt bike!  This dog is so darn smart - why not start them out young, right?  He continues to bring joy to our lives.....holes to our shoes......and ragged edging to almost everything we own ;)

REMINDER: We will not be exhibiting this year at the MN State Fair - but you can find your note cards, prints, and giclees online HERE! If our absence at the fair has you down, no worries, please get out your calendar now and mark these dates: November 4-5 and December 2-3. Plan now to come out to our Holiday Open Houses! We would love to see you, more details HERE!

Gotta run - today is opening day at our county fair, and I'm hoping to capture some great pictures of all the animals coming into town ;)

(Secretly heading for cheese!)